Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Froi of the Exiles

Froi of the Exiles is Exceptional!!!

Another mind blowing masterpiece by Melina Marchetta.
Just like book 1, of The Lumatere Chronicles,
 book 2 is just as amazing!
I can not show enough praise for these books! 
I just absolutely adore them. Marchetta's writing flows 
likes lyrics to a beautiful song, 
keeping you captivated and thriving with emotions.
Thank goodness there 
is another book to this series
 because I am not ready to let go yet or ever!!!!

This book had me in tears, snot everywhere!!
No I'm not ashamed either.
I went to bed dreaming of it sad that 

the story is almost over and that there's 
only one more book til we have to part.

I have book 3, Quintana of Charyn, waiting on 
my bookshelf to be read but I'm going to hold off. 
I need to let Froi of the Exiles settle in. 
Plus if I hold off it'll keep me from
 having to say goodbye so soon!!

I truly recommend these books to everyone. 
Even if your not a huge fan of fantasy, 
you'll find yourself engaged in 
Marchetta's writing. 
Though it's high fantasy there's bold
 realism and with a complex plot
that any reader will love!!

           This is a courageous, intriguing, Epic tale 
with romance and adventure that no one can deny!!

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