Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Quintana of Charyn

Incredible ending to an AMAZING trilogy!!!

Boy did this last book have me on edge. 
What am I talking about, all 3 books of this trilogy had me on edge!!

I can not stress to you guys enough just
 how much I loved this trilogy! 
It captivated and stole my heart from the very
 beginning with Finnikin of the Rock, 
Had my emotions going ballistic with Froi of the Exiles 
and my mind blown with Quintana of Charyn.

This story was so beautifully written and perfectly crafted. Marchetta was able to makes this fantasy story feel so remarkably realistic. With her vivid world building and her ability to create such mesmerizing characters that will bewitch you, nestling comfortably in your hearts to stay! Which in my opinion was the best thing about the whole trilogy. How Marchetta was able to create new characters along the way but maintain using the same ones we all came to love, from the very beginning, throughout all three books.

Marchetta'a writing and story-telling was so intense. My emotions were being squeezed like a stress ball, over and over again!! Angry when there was fighting, crying when there was sadness, the yearning and heat I felt when there was romance, and complete excitement when there was joy and happiness!

I'm not here to tell you everything that happened in this book or this trilogy. I'm simply here to tell you how much I enjoyed the books and how much I really want y'all to go out and read them, that's all!! So please, today, if you haven't read them, PLEASE DO!!!


Froi of the Exiles

Froi of the Exiles is Exceptional!!!

Another mind blowing masterpiece by Melina Marchetta.
Just like book 1, of The Lumatere Chronicles,
 book 2 is just as amazing!
I can not show enough praise for these books! 
I just absolutely adore them. Marchetta's writing flows 
likes lyrics to a beautiful song, 
keeping you captivated and thriving with emotions.
Thank goodness there 
is another book to this series
 because I am not ready to let go yet or ever!!!!

This book had me in tears, snot everywhere!!
No I'm not ashamed either.
I went to bed dreaming of it sad that 

the story is almost over and that there's 
only one more book til we have to part.

I have book 3, Quintana of Charyn, waiting on 
my bookshelf to be read but I'm going to hold off. 
I need to let Froi of the Exiles settle in. 
Plus if I hold off it'll keep me from
 having to say goodbye so soon!!

I truly recommend these books to everyone. 
Even if your not a huge fan of fantasy, 
you'll find yourself engaged in 
Marchetta's writing. 
Though it's high fantasy there's bold
 realism and with a complex plot
that any reader will love!!

           This is a courageous, intriguing, Epic tale 
with romance and adventure that no one can deny!!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Finnikin of the Rock by Melina Marchetta

Finnikin of.....YOU ROCK!!!

I am so in love with this book! After I finished the last page of the book, I was hit with total sadness! Not because I was disappointed with the book or how it ended! I was devastated that it was now over!!! I literally clutched the book to my chest not wanting to let it go, I actually woke up this morning with the book beside me, beneath my pillow.

This is my first Melina Marchetta book and I hear that this is her first Fantasy book published. Her books being more Realism and Contemporary, which is shocking because she did this High fantasy so beautifully! I guess her realism skills show in Finnikin of the Rock because the story is so utterly believable.

This story is about The Lumatere kingdom that has been taken over by an imposter King and then cursed by someone he burned at the stake. Years later, Finnikin, a Lumateran, and his mentor, Sir Topher journey the lands with a novice, Evanjalin, who claims she sleep walks with the people trapped inside the over-taken Kingdom and leads Finnikin to believe that the heir to the Kingdom is alive and he must bring him home to his people of Lumatere, to take their Kingdom back!

Oh my gosh! The way Marchetta's world and character building is so detailed and thoroughly in depth. There is not a character she leaves flat. They are all well introduced and throughout the story they continue to grow. Her story-telling is so beautifully told. So flawless, complex and just real!!! I am in awe of how she tells this story, how it's planned out and how certain elements fit in here and there. Then she brings it all together, fluent and uncomplicated! Even when the story is being told from different character's POV, knowing that each character has a personal story to share with the readers. She also is able to bring issues up about war, abuse, sex, and even puberty without it being too overwhelming.

This story has action, adventure, romance and betrayal! Humor too, trust me it does not lack humor! Though this story is very sad most of the time, it definitely makes it up with the romance and humor!! Finnikin and Evanjalin struggle in telling eachother how they feel but when it all comes together, it is breath-taking and will make your heart flutter ♥

This is a thrilling tale that I wish every one will one day read! It is so gripping and will forever linger in my mind and in my heart!! The characters are unforgettable!! Thankfully Marchetta has made this into a trilogy so we'll see some of the character's from Finnikin of the Rock in Froi of the Exiles!
I'll be re-reading this story sometime in the future, a couple times actually b/c I love it so much. But for now I'm onto the next chapter of the story in Froi of the Exiles and I will let Finnikin of the Rock's story rest, for now ;)